Ep. 1

Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient Logan Cohen, Co-founder of Küdzoo

Show Notes

By now, we know that education plays a critical role in the success of future generations. The challenge, of course, is keeping students consistently engaged along that journey. Logan Cohen, co-founder of Küdzoo Mobile App, has set out to solve this problem and is doing so with over half a million downloads.

In this episode we dig deep into:

  • What is like to grow up with entrepreneurial parents?
  • Why is team balance is pivotal to getting investing?
  • How to be careful when contracting developers?
  • How to get interest in a product before you write any code?
  • The process of customer development and letting the customer tell you their real needs.
  • Plenty more value to be found here--we hope you enjoy it!

Contact Logan on Twitter @loganecohen or on Snapchat @logansee