Ep. 34 39 min

Clean. Green. Caffeine. with Steve O'Dell and Robbie Page Founders of Tenzo Tea Matcha

Topics: E-Commerce, Shopify, Growth Hacking

Business Type



Angel Investment

Fun Fact

Tenzo provides an exceptional blend of ceremonial matcha green tea by working directly with top green tea farmers in Japan. Our stone ground, organic Japanese Matcha is the perfect harmony of antioxidants, clean energy, and inspiring taste.

Available in over 100 retail stores and featured in Entrepreneur, CBS and HuffPost, Tenzo Tea is the perfect energy solution for you.

Show Notes

Today's guests are the amazing Steve O’Dell and Robbie Page, the founders of Tenzo Tea. These two guys wanted to make a massive impact on the world through a product that really makes a difference in people’s lives.

In this interview we cover a wide range of topics from:

  • What lead them to choose matcha over other energizing products?
  • What are most important steps to get an E-commerce company off the ground.
  • Why the lessons learned from playing professional sports directly translates to success in business.

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