Ep. 5 51 min

Student Athletes to Largest Moving Company in California with Aaron Steed, Co-Founder of Meathead Movers

Show Notes

Today’s guest is someone whose story is both that of success and doing the right thing for people who need it the most.

Aaron Steed and his brother started Meathead Movers as a way to make money while going to school and stay in shape for sports. Since this aha moment, they have strived endlessly to utilize the braun and brains of student athletes to help people move. With over 300 employees, MeatHead Movers has grown to become the largest independent moving company in California. Additionally, Meathead Movers provides free moving services to victims of domestic violence.

In this interview we address the following topics and questions:

  • Sticking with your gut feeling with your brand name.
  • How teamwork in sports translates to creating a quality team in a business.
  • How to properly train the next generation of leaders.
  • How to create visibility for your brand without spending a dime?
  • Why is customer experience so important?
  • The more all in you go, the better you’re going to feel.

Connect with Meathead Movers online at MeatheadMovers.com, or on social media Twitter / Instagram @MeatheadMovers