Ep. 4 1 hr 19 min

Whalebird Kombucha - Taste Good. Feel Good. Create a Lifestyle Business

Show Notes

We hear all to much about tech related startups. However, I believe there can be just as much value found from looking into the small scrappy ones finding their niche and making a dent in their community. Today’s guest, Whalebird Kombucha is doing just that.

Jake met Mike at a house party serval years ago, both a little buzzed, Mike thought it would be an excellent business decision to bring Jake on board to be part of the team. Since then, their operations have grown to now being found up and down the central coast of California. Not to mention that have a sweet kombucha tasting room.

During this interview we cover:

  • How determine which flavors customers will like the most?
  • Why is a rebranding to stand out a good strategic decision?
  • Is it more important that you enjoy the beverage or that the customer does?
  • How timing is the most important element to starting a business.
  • Why is educating the customer a priority?
  • Using your community to help inspire other and promote your product.

If you’d like to contact Whalebird Kombucha on Instagram @WhalebirdKombucha