Ep. 31 51 min

Scaling the Largest Online Retailer with the 8th Employee of Amazon, Tod Nelson

Show Notes

Today’s guest is Tod Nelson, the 8th hire of Amazon and now the Executive Director of the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (cie.calpoly.edu).

In this interview we talk about what the early days of Amazon were like. In addition we address topics that range from PR stunts to unorthodox hiring practices to Jeff Bezos leadership style on down to what you learn from packaging someones books.

If that isn’t enough, we dig deep into the following questions:

  • How to manage explosive growth?
  • Why you have to sometimes just show up, roll up your sleeves and work your ass off?
  • Why you needed to think big at Amazon when came to implementing new processes?
  • Why you should never hirer someone less talented than you?
  • How entrepreneurship is best taught at the university level?
  • How to maintain company culture while scaling?

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