Ep. 7 51 mins

Building a Wine Brand with Sarah Kraft of Hillersden

Show Notes

Craft wine is booming and today’s guest is in the thick of it! We welcome Sarah Kraft, co-founder of Hillersden Wine to kick off July with a bang. Hillersden has been able to accomplish some mind blowing results within a short period of time.

In this episode we cover topics that include:

  • Why is it important to get involved in entrepreneurship at the college level?
  • How jumping into a startup can be a way to discover your true passions?
  • Doing vs planning?
  • What is the difference between US and New Zealand wine?
  • When a shopper picks up your product, what is the story you are telling them?
  • How to execute marketing in niche locations that you might not normally think of?

If you’d like to contact Sarah Kraft you can find her on Twitter/Instagram @Hillersden/@Hillersden, Facebook facebook.com/Hillersden or order direct from them at www.hillersden.com