Ep. 19 1 hr 13 min

Business Model Innovation with Raj Singh Founder of Tempo AI

Show Notes

Today’s guest is Raj Singh. Raj is the founder of Tempo AI, a mobile productivity app that was recently acquired by Salesforce.


Raj has had extensive experience in the technology and startup industries. And in this interview, we talked about what it takes to create a startup and the best methods and strategies for working in one, as well how to maneuver their ever-evolving structure in society.


Some Questions I Ask Raj:

  • How can a student find a position in a start-up or find a company that would enable them to meet their peak potential? [19:07]
  • What do you define “business model innovation” as and what would an example of it be? [26:26]
  • What exactly does pattern-matching with startups refer to? [33:30]
  • How does someone keep up to date on developments within the startup community, and what are some resources they can use to make sure they stay on the cusp of this information? [37:35]
  • How should a startup map out their milestones? [49:03]
  • What are the main attributes that distinguish a great CEO from an ordinary one? [44:06]
  • What is concentric marketing? [56:25]
  • What’s different about startups and patents now compared to in the past, and what should startups be on the look-out for when it comes to developing a patent? [57:32]
  • If you could buy a build-board that overlooked Silicon Valley, what would you want it to say? [01:09:00]


Some Things You’ll Learn In This Episode: