Ep. 13 56 min

Distilling Complex Content into Infographics with Nick Grant, Co-founder of Killer Infographics

Show Notes

Information can tell a story, but without structure, that story remains incomplete.

Today’s guest, Nick Grant, is completing that story with eye dropping designs created by his agency Killer Infographics.

Nick’s business evolved from serval fledgling ideas that earned their wings, but never really took flight. In the interview he talks about your first business idea not always being your best, nor your last.

We also discuss the struggles a startup must face in growing, including things like office space that fits your team, but has sufficient wiggle room for new hires to properly invoicing clients to make sure they are paying on time.

We also dive into the different types of freedom created because you've built a business and how his family influenced him to do the same. 

I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did. Thank you for listening & enjoy!

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