Ep. 27 1 hr 16 min

Customizing the Hiring Process with Ladan Davia

Show Notes

Ladan Davia is the CEO & Founder of Beeya, a company she founded in January of 2015. Beeya is a platform that automatically matches employers and employees using a unique algorithm while generating an automatic matching score from your data. The platform combines the elements of online job searching, social networking, and professional work concepts to create a cohesive solution for the user.


Before founding Beeya, Ladan was the founder and president of Accelerate Test Prep for two years, and prior to that worked in broadcast media. Driven by a passion for philanthropy and education, she made the switch from working in the entertainment industry to the tech sector where she’s able to utilize both her drive for helping others and skill in technological entrepreneurship.


Some Questions I Ask Ladan:

  • How does Beeya differ from companies where the emphasis is placed on job seekers taking personality tests to find matches? [8:21]
  • What are some traits you’ve seen as being pivotal for job seekers? [10:16]
  • What do you think influenced you to want to start your own company? [18:53]
  • How did you get involved with your first business involving test prep? [28:16]
  • What were some of the other events occurring around the time you founded Accelerate Test Prep? [39:50]
  • What important things happened after winning the business competition that helped launch Accelerate Test Prep? [48:20]
  • What has the experience of being a female founder been like? [57:31]
  • Why do you feel like adding money to a startup doesn’t really solve its problems? [1:02:50]
  • What kind of volunteer work are you involved in? [1:06:19]
  • What’s next for Beeya? [1:09:54]
  • What’re some of your favorite books you’d recommend to other startups or entrepreneurs? [1:10:48]
  • What advice would you give to future founders? [1:12:01]
  • What inspires you? [1:12:32]


Some Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Beeya differs from different job matching sites
  • What kind of company Ladan founded before Beeya
  • How Ladan came up with the idea for Beeya
  • How Accelerate Test Prep acted as a catalyst for Beeya
  • What Ladan discovered about what she wanted to do for herself after her first company
  • What the biggest mistake with Beeya was when starting out
  • How Ladan’s degree in Broadcast Journalism helps her business and life now
  • Why Accelerate Test Prep didn’t work out and what Ladan learned from it
  • Why you can still create a successful business without a lot of money


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