Ep. 8 1hr

The Empowering Force of Education with Jessica Santana Founder of New York on Tech

Show Notes

Today’s guest is Jessica Santana, who is the co-founder of New York on Tech, a startup where it is there mission to prepare the next generation of technology leaders.


Jessica is a great example of leaving corporate to pursue a startup. And what makes her story so interesting is that her experiences working as a minority in corporate inspired her to develop New York on Tech. Not to mention her parents are immigrants that came here to help their family achieve the American dream.


We cover the topics such as:

  • The gig economy and why parents should be paying more attention to it.
  • How the education system is broken simply based on the fact they limit students by not offering enough hands on learning.
  • The need for students to be exposed and inspired by potential opportunities that they have post graduation.
  • In the long run, why skills matter the most over the theoretical learning?
  • How to create a business model in ed tech?
  • And much much more.



Give a shout out to Jessica on social media twitter: @JessWorldwide or her startup website: http://www.newyorkontech.org/


Thank you as always for listening, you guys are the best. Enjoy!