Ep. 10 1 hr 45 min

High School Dropout to 19 Year Old Multimillion Dollar Business Owner with Chris Kelsey Founder of Appsitude

Show Notes

Today’s guest is Chris Kelsey, a high school dropout who left school with only six months left to go during his senior year. Now almost 2 years later his company Appsitude.com is set to gross over 4.8 million in revenue for 2016.

His business has built 100 plus mobile applications amounting to over 50 million total downloads. They have grown from a small team to now nearly 50 employees located around the world. Can you believe he's still a teenager?

We go over some topics that a lot of young entrepreneurs come to terms with such as:

  • What is the value of a college education?
  • How to deal with parents when dropping out of school?
  • Knowing who you will be and sticking to your gut feeling about the future.
  • How do I network when I’m young?
  • How to come over personal constraints we set on ourselves?
  • And what resources are available to all entrepreneurs who are willing to do a simple google search?

We also talk a lot about of how the world and our inner ego will set limits on what we can achieve and ways to dismiss those thoughts and roll forward with where we wish to be.

I hope you all enjoy this journey I went on with Chris, it’s one hell of a ride.

We all love links and here the ones to find Chris on the inter-webs! Email [email protected] or Instagram @itsapptime