Ep. 12 1 hr 23 min

Creating Virality on YouTube with Cameron Manwaring, Co-founder of Shareability

Show Notes

Our guest today is Cameron Manwaring and in this interview we discuss how hustling & being present for opportunities completely changed his life.

We start by talking about his early days in entrepreneurship. Where he started his own window washing business to avoid working at a taco joint & how he broke the all time record for a class assignment to have $1,500 in revenue before the end of the semester.

We then get into the meat of our conversation, where Cameron started working with Devin Super Tramp, a YouTube celebrity who at that point in time had around 30,000 followers. Devin invited Cameron to be his manager & together produced over 70 videos and today Devin’s following has grown to over 4 million.

From this Cameron started a company that consulted on creating viral videos on YouTube called Shareability. To date they have worked with brands like Turkish Airlines, Poo-Pourri & Cricket Wireless and not to mention celebrities like Kobe Bryant & Ronaldo.

Additionally, Cameron was selected as a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2015.

If you are looking to find the right reasons to go into YouTube for your business, this is the interview for you!