Ep. 22 1 hr 49 min

How Minimalism and a Futuristic Perspective Shaped the Next Wave of Website Building with Brad Gauthier Founder of Sitecast.com

Show Notes

In this episode of Cult of Startup, our guest is Brad Gauthier. Brad is the founder of Sitecast, Founded in 2013 and based out of Portland, Oregon, Sitecast.com is a platform of configurable API’s to rapidly build and deploy serverless web projects with ease.

Brad discovered a talent for building websites at the age of 12 when he landed his first client. He pursued that skill to get where he and his company are at today, with a few crucial detours along the way.


Some Questions I Ask Brad:

  • What route did you decide to take after graduating college? [8:30]
  • What were the audiobooks that influenced you the most during college? [13:30]
  • Are there any other books in audio format you’d specifically recommend? [19:22]
  • What was the company you started after you left your first job out of college? [32:30]
  • What type of benefits comes from learning about a variety of subject matters? [34:30]
  • How did having so many bosses at once drive you to leave your job? [38:07]
  • What did you discover about yourself after you sold your possessions and started traveling? [56:45]
  • What was the “aha!” moment for Sitecast and how did you make that moment into a reality? [1:01:29]
  • What have you learned from customer development since starting Sitecast? [1:08:31]
  • What kind of pricing model does Sitecast use? [1:22:00]
  • What are some of your favorite book recommendations? [1:38:52]
  • Do you have a morning routine? [1:42:32]


Some Things You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • What opened Brad’s eyes at age 12 to his life and career possibilities
  • What Brad would consider himself an apprentice at
  • The main reason Brad started to check out of college
  • What Brad falsely assumed regarding his college degree
  • What big grocery store chain Brad wanted to create an online version of
  • What article acted as the true catalyst for Brad switching job gears after college
  • Why it’s good to future proof your business name
  • How Sitecast is funded as a company
  • What Sitecast is working on and why Brad considers it to be the future of the platform


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