Ep. 25 1 hr 7 min

Transforming Podcast Audio Into Video for Social Media with Baird Hall Co-Founder of Wavve

Show Notes

Baird Hall is the Co-Founder of Wavve, a platform based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Having launched in 2016, Wavve helps podcasters, musicians, radio show hosts, and various other content creators easily turn audio clips into social video content -- whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever else.


Wavve – a platform created by two people who met a mere 2 years ago and have successfully grown their company to help a plethora of users since – also provides multiple video templates and cards to help creators add animation and text prior to sharing their final product on social media. Combining audio and visual elements, Wavve introduces an entirely fresh approach for content creation.


Some Questions I Ask Baird:

  • What about the business model of your company wasn’t quite right before it was rebranded as “Wavve”? [6:10]
  • What’s involved in running a marketing test? [11:50]
  • When you first set up a marketing test, what data were you using? [13:01]
  • Where do customers commonly find you when they’re seeking out the platform you provide? [15:57]
  • Have there been any “aha!” or eureka moments during interactions with customers? [19:03]
  • Have you encountered any roadblocks since launching Wavve? [23:15]
  • How did you and your co-founder meet? [26:02]
  • What kind of co-working space do you utilize in addition to working remotely? [28:51]
  • What has been your experience so far being in Charleston while working? [34:10]
  • What books would you recommend, both inside and outside the startup world? [54:32]
  • What’s been the most surprising podcast to utilize Wavve as platform for their content? [56:15]
  • What podcasts do you listen to? [57:41]
  • Where do you see “podcasting” going in the next 3-10 years? [58:31]
  • Do you follow any specific bloggers or influencers? [1:04:05]
  • Do you have any words of advice to budding entrepreneurs and startup owners? [1:06:02]


Some Things You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The kind of approach Baird takes to the company
  • What the toughest thing, in Baird’s opinion, about building a startup is
  • What kind of framework Wavve uses for their approach to business
  • How Wavve markets their product and the mediums they use
  • What Wavve found out from their user testing
  • The wide range of users that Wavve attracts
  • The difficulties Wavve came across when it first launched
  • How Wavve has used the gig economy to its advantage
  • What a typical work day for Baird looks like
  • How long it took before Wavve became profitable


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