Ep. 26 1 hr 11min

The Most Convenient Form of Coffee Ever with Andrew Healy and Alex French Co-Founders of Bizzy Coffee

Show Notes

Andrew Healy and Alex French are the Co-Founders of Bizzy Coffee, “coffee for people who don’t have time for coffee.” Bizzy Coffee comes in the form of an organic two-ounce cold brew shot and can be found in a multitude of grocery stores, as well as on Amazon.


Bizzy Coffee was created by two people who complement each other well: Alex’s background is in in Finance and Entrepreneurship while Andrew’s is in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing. After trial and error and some product tweaking, they created something that truly works -- an especially impressive feat in the competitive market that is Food and Beverage.


Some Questions I Ask Andrew and Alex:

  • What was the worst and best experience you had during your road trip to promote and sell Bizzy Coffee? [4:05]
  • What was involved in the process of recruiting people for the trip? [6:45]
  • What do each of your backgrounds consist of? [11:27]
  • What was the e-commerce business you both had at one point, and why did you decide to ditch it? [19:24]
  • What made you choose coffee as a marketable product? [23:26]
  • As soon as you got your cold brew recipe dialed in, what was the next step? [31:40]
  • Were you able to secure any funding prior to applying for and getting accepted to an accelerator? [35:24]
  • What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned from going through an accelerator? [37:19]
  • After the accelerator program, was there a demo day? [39:23]
  • After having gone through an accelerator program and getting that initial investment, do you think it was easier to raise money from local angels as a result? [41:12]
  • After you raised money and your backs were against the wall, what was the next move? [42:01]
  • Are there any other notable examples where you utilized data to make a business choice? [48:01]
  • What exactly do you mean by “PPC”? [49:10]
  • Since moving into producing coffee shots alone, has your consumer base further evolved? [49:52]
  • What are some of your best marketing channels right now? [57:50]
  • What is the next step for Bizzy Coffee? [1:00:00]
  • Are there any books you’d recommend for entrepreneurs? [1:01:27]
  • What other resources would you recommend for entrepreneurs? [1:02:46]
  • What do each of your morning routines consist of? [1:04:13]
  • What advice would you give to an entrepreneur looking to go into the Food and Beverage industry? [1:06:55]


Some Things You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Where Alex and Andrew traveled to on their recent road trip
  • What Alex and Andrew learned about the value of finding a good business partner
  • Why their initial e-commerce product attempt didn’t work
  • How long it took Alex and Andrew to get smart about coffee and what attracted them to it as a product
  • How many rounds of consumer learning tests went into developing Bizzy Coffee
  • What methodology Alex and Andrew used for manufacturing their product
  • Why getting the first round of capital for the product was exceptionally difficult
  • How Bizzy Coffee’s first investor came about
  • What the pivotal first point in the business was
  • What Alex and Andrew’s “aha!” moment was when they were figuring out how to tweak their product format
  • One of the biggest advantages Bizzy Coffee holds as a product

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