Ep. 17 1 hr 26 min

Sustainable Packaging with Alex Henige founder of Reduce Reuse Grow

Show Notes

Today’s guest is Alex Henige, who is the founder of Reduce Reuse Grow, a small compostable packaging company that provides packaging for small coffee shops & food venders. And with each product they serve Reduce Reuse Grow will in turn plant a plant at a local restoration site.


We start by talking about his indirect approach to Kickstarter & how that grew into over 20k in contributions from backers. How a product can evolve by running it through the business model canvas? Why your first idea isn’t always the best idea? How we can impact the environment with every purchase we make? And much much more!


Thank you for listening!


Visit their website at ReduceReuseGrow.org or on Instagram @ReduceReuseGrow